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Riding the board with a kite in your hand is speed, freedom and fun. That just can’t bore us. And we have the urge to share that fun.

We know how to teach you the rules of this game, so you can get to feel on the water exactly what we do.

To us there is nothing more pleasant than the sight of a freshly baked kitesurfer that drifts away from us happily and efficiently, forgetting after 10 meters about our existence and focusing only on what he or she is experiencing.

We belive in kitesurfing – it’s a fantastic, developing sport that is not difficult to learn (!), yet gives a lot of pleasure. We know our skills as instructors - we have a passion for this sport, enthusiasm for teaching and great satisfaction with the progress of our students. We love our spot – it really is a perfect place to learn and master kitesurfing, at any level. And we believe in our students who, like us, value active lifestyle and enriching themselves with new skills.