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Renting a kite is the perfect solution if you don’t ride for more than 3 weeks a year and / or you don’t feel like buying all the gear and traveling with it.
At Kite Lab you get the latest Duotone 2021 (Evo, Evo SLS, Dice, Juice, Mono) and Cabrinha (Switchblade, FX, Contra) equipment.

Kite rent in Lo Stagnone spot means in practice all-day access to our base.
You can change the sizes of kites and boards, as well as the brand – for comparison.

We care about diversity, not only in terms of kite sizes (obviously) but their models.
We have all-round kites, which basically go upwind themselves. There are kites to learn and practice jumping, rotations and unhooked. And of course there are light wind kites – our powerful flying machines.
The boards are in sizes from 132 cm to 165 cm, we also have a strapless/wave board.
All in all, our base is like a candy store and you will want to (and be able to) try everything.

We also provide all needed accessories – harnesses, wetsuits, helmets.
All pieces of equipment are included in the rental price.


kitesurfing gear rental (full set) – 1 day – € 55

(you may change pieces of equipment during the day)


kite only – € 45 per day

(you may change kites during the day)

board only – € 15 per day

(you may change boards during the day)

strapless/wave board – € 20 per day


We discount multiple rental days. You do not pay rentals upfront, but at the end (you don’t know how many windy days are to come).
The discount depends on the final number of rental days.









Duotone kites (formerly North Kiteboarding) are known on the market for their highest quality – both in terms of performance and strength of the construction.

We have invested in top kite equipment, because we bet on quality in every aspect.



Duotone Evo


The bestseller of its brand.
The most versatile kite enabling any riding style. It’s great for waves, it’s also a choice for joyful freeride. Jumps are easy, high and long, and landings are particularly gentle.
Evo has a big wind range, is very stable and responsive.
Its distinguishing features are a very large depower, ease of water re-launch and ease of upwind riding.


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Duotone Evo SLS


This is a tuned version of Evo.
SLS stands for Strong Light Superior and there are improvements behind it.
The new Penta TX material replaces the Dacron in the kite. It is 15% lighter, so the total weight of the kite decreases – its speed and maneuverability increase. Its wind range is also enlarged.
The material is stronger, more tear-resistant and less stretchy.
The Flex Struts technology used in the struts improves the torsion of the canopy and the flexibility of the kite, making it more dynamic and responsive.


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Duotone Dice


It’s a gem for freestylers.
Made for jumping, it has a fantastic lift and hangtime.
Fans of unhooked appreciate the pop and slack, while those who love big air praise smooth and fully controlled kite loops.
At the same time, the kite is still considered versatile.
It forgives mistakes and also works with those who are starting to learn their acrobatics.


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Duotone Juice


This is our invaluable machine for riding in light winds.
The greatest advantage of the kite, apart from its lower wind range of course, is its stability. Once on the tack, it stays there.
You can really feel its power, thrust and stability whether the wind is smooth or not.

At the same time, the designers of Juice from year to year reduce the bar pressure, thanks to which, despite the powerful thrust of a 15 or 17-meter kite, you don’t tire your arms.

Juice re-launches easily and is dynamic for its size.
With good rider technique and a relatively large board, Juice will go in the wind below 10 knots.

We have Juice 13m, 15m and 17m kites and Cabrinha Contra 13m, 15m and 17m kites, so you can not only choose the perfect size for your weight, but also compare two reliable and flagship models of low-wind kites.


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Duotone Mono


It is an ultra-light one-strut kite recommended for both foil and freeriding.
Thanks to its weight, it is perfect for light winds – it has an enlarged low end.
It re-launches very easily.

Mono flies smoothly and is resistant to wind gusts. It’s an easy and forgiving kite. Stable, calm and gentle for its rider.


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In addition to quality, we at Kite Lab bet on proven and invariably desirable kites.
Cabrinha kites  are known for their great performance and are very cooperative, which we especially appreciate in terms of learning. And not only learning at the stage of kite lessons but also subsequent, advanced learning stages.



Cabrinha Switchblade


One of the best-selling kites on the market.
It has a lot of pressure on the bar, which tires some, and gives a sense of power, dynamics and control to others.
It has five struts, which makes it stiff and stable, although also slightly heavier. The rigid construction makes it re-launch very quickly. It goes upwind easily, it’s responsive and predictable.
Just like Duotone Evo, it’s great for freeride, big air and hooked jumping. But above all it’s the most universal kite in the Cabrinha collection.



Cabrinha FX


Like Duotone Dice, it’s a model for freestyle. It’s a bit more demanding than Switchblade because it has less power and is less stable. Instead, it’s Cabrinhas fastest kite. Perfect for loops and unhooked – it has great pop and long slack.
Its weakness is the lower wind range – when the wind is for a 12 meter, we take a 12. But a bit less wind, and we won’t be jumping.

It seems like this is a kite for advanced riders, but this is not necessarily the case. FX is referred to as a progressive kite, which means that as you develop your skills, you discover newer and newer features and possibilities. In practice, this means that you can get to know this kite just after completing the course and becoming independent on the water.



Cabrinha Contra


Like Duotone Juice, it is a reliable machine for light winds. Incredibly stable and strong, it flies when all the other kites are in the water.

For the choice of light wind kites, we have Cabrinha Contra 13m, 15m and 17m kites and Duotone Juice 13m, 15m and 17m kites, so you can not only choose the perfect size for your weight, but also compare two reliable and flagship models of low wind kites.



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All our kites are for sale at the end of the season.

We change gear every season for two reasons:

– this way we have the latest top quality equipment at your disposal every summer

– the gear we sell is in a very good shape (because of short time of use and the highest care we take of it)


Undoubtedly, the advantage of buying our equipment on site is the opportunity to see it and test it. You can also test different models and after comparison choose the one that suits you best.

But of course we also sell online and send kites within European borders.

If you are interested in detailed information about particular kites / boards / bars, just leave us a message here.


* * *


At the moment we have on sale:

Duotone Neo 4, 2020

Duotone Evo 6, 2019

Cabrinha FX 10, 2020

Cabrinha Switchblade 7, 2020

Cabrinha Switchblade 12, 2020

Cabrinha Contra 13, 2020

Cabrinha Contra 15, 2020

Cabrinha Contra 15, 2020

Cabrinha Contra 17, 2020

Cabrinha Contra 17, 2020