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Few words about:

1.  our great spot

2.  the riding area

3.  Kite Lab base



Spot Lo Stagnone is our central point. It’s located in Birgi village, between the cities of Trapani and Marsala.



We have anchored on the picturesque north-western tip of Sicily.
It is a region inhabited for centuries, famous for salt production, fantastic wine, unbelievable sunsets and wild nature.

This means that on free, windless days there are plenty ideas for spending time and places worth visiting.


Fortunately, there are not too many windless days and this is the main and most important feature of Lo Stagnone kitesurfing spot.



Wind conditions are perfect for training – almost every day we have constant, thermal wind with the speed of 10 to 30 knots.

We ride and teach in a bay closed to the west by Santa Maria Island. As a result, the water is warm, flat, and the wind direction is in general constant.

The depth of the bay doesn’t exceed 1 – 1.5 meters (we can walk all the way to the island by feet).

Shallow water is perfect for beginners and intermediate kitesurfers, because they can walk back from any point of the bay (we don’t need motorboats assurance).

The advanced ones will appreciate the perfect flat appearing at some points.

In Sicily the ideal wind conditions go hand in hand with beautiful, sunny weather. The warmer it is, the better thermal wind works.



The lagoon is large and you can explore many parts of it. 

For example you can go to the north tip of Santa Maria Island where you will find perfectly flat water. It’s a place very appreciated by freestylers.

You can go behind the island and ride alone in a wild surrounding, as well as you can ride around the island (for advanced freeriders).

You can also go straight north where the sea enters the lagoon. The place is called San Teodoro.
With north wind you can play and surf some waves just on the sea border. The water has beautiful colors there and the landscape is unusual due to old salt factories.
With south wind you can go to the secret spot called ‘Tahiti’ which is just behind the pink salt pools.
There you will find flat, shallow and turquoise water – a dream playground.
You have to be careful though – in this case the wind is offshore.

If you’d like to visit different kitesurfing spots during your stay in Sicily, there are at least 2 other spots to check.
Puzziteddu is a wave spot and works well with southern winds.
Capo Feto has a beautiful white sandy beach, baby blue, also wavy water and works with northwest, west, southwest and south winds.

You need to drive around 40 minutes to reach Capo Feto and around one hour for Puzziteddu.
Be prepared for no infrastructure there, as these are pretty much wild spots. So take all you might need!




Lo Stagnone spot is full of kitesurfing schools. Thanks to this it teems with life from spring to autumn.

Our base is at the very center of this life (the red line is the shoreline along which all schools operate).


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Our base is exceptional to have
 a complete infrastructure:

There is a beachbar with fantastic drinks (discount for our guests), where after an active day we gather for aperitivo at sunset.

There is a toilet with a changing room, which is not so obvious in these areas.

A chilling zone – deckchairs in sun and shadow, swings, free wi-fi at the bar.

We have a beachboy at our disposal, a compressor and soft grass under our resting kites, as well as have a wide, comfortable access to the water.

There is also a parking and a charming deck next to the spot.