The perfect location for sunbaths on windless days.

This is a place where waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea meet the Lo Stagnone bay.

Arriving at the beach we see on the right dark blue sea. In front of us there is a turquoise shoal and on the left we have a full view at the kiting area.

Best way to reach San Teodoro is walking north from the spot, along the coast line, salt pans and grape plantations.

There a few restaurants, beachbars and beaches, both wild and commercial.

From there we can walk across the shallow lagoon to the island of Isola Grande. The water is up to the knees. We walk on white, plain sand. In some places it’s so shallow, that we can lie down in a few centimeters deep water and get a pleasure of water sunbath. As we get on Isola Grande, we can explore several centuries old remains of salt mining buildings or see salt mountains.

At late summer and fall you can spot flamingos here.

We recommend taking to San Teodoro chilled marsala wine and high sun filter.

Note kitesurfers:

You can kite to San Teodoro upwind (with north wind), but you must be careful while reaching the shoal – the sand is showing here and there. When you enter the open sea, the wind is on shore and the water is wavy.

You can also go downwind there – with south wind. Attention: it’s off shore on the sea. With the south wind you can enjoy the water along north coast of Isola Grande – flat and bright blue. Yet in this case it’s good if someone can pick you up from San Teodoro with a car.

Distance from the spot: 3 km
driving: 8 min
walking: 30 min