There are many ways to get to Sicily.


You can choose going by car and taking a ferry to Palermo somewhere at the mediterranean coast.

(for example from Livorno by Grimaldi lines or from Genoa by GNV lines).

This is a good option for those who come in a group or/and for longer (2 weeks?).

Then you have a car to use in Sicily and belive us, there is a lot to do there

In this case you save on car rental and split the cost in the group.


By choosing a car you can always combine your kitesurfing holidays with a road trip. Driving along whole Italy is true adventure. 

We did that :)



In general plane is the fastest and cheapest option.

Close to us there are airports in Palermo and Trapani.

(Trapani airport is 6 km from the kite spot and from Palermo airport it’s an hour drive to us)

We strongly reccommend checking Ryanair connections to Trapani and Palermo at the first place.

Websites like skyscanner are also very helpful.


Of course we will help with the Palermo - Lo Stagnone transfer. That last part of the journey is very easy.

Just give us a call!