Segesta hot springs and the nearby ancient temple are our special places.

30 minutes by car from the spot, located in the picturesque, mountainous area of the former city of Segesta.



Segesta was an ancient city and for those who like tangible history it’s an interesting place to see because of the temple.
Not just any temple, because it’s 2,500 years old and very well preserved.
On the way to the springs, you can stop and see it (must buy a ticket).
The temple also has a theater built soon after the temple.

You can stop but you can also slow down when passing the temple and admire it through the window.

Segesta was passed from hand to hand, brutally conquered by different invaders, until finally in about 900 CE. it was abandoned. It’s said that its new incarnation is the town of Castellamare del Golfo, 10 km away, where once the port belonging to Segesta was located.

However, anyone who ever lived in Segesta at the time, visited nearby springs.


There is a valley and a thermal river along it.
That water is used by a small thermal complex although we personally never went there.
We leave the car in a nearby bush (location) and wade through the thickets to a natural source.
If you are going there, ask us for directions – after which oleander turn right, which reeds to enter and under which rock to slide – to hit small but charming backwaters.
There are several levels that we call pools, with different depths (from 20 cm to 2 m), each with a different temperature ranging from 25 ° C to over 50 ° C.
You can sit in stagnant water on the sides or directly in the river, where currents of different temperature mix.
There is a cave, which is a completely natural sauna, there are small cascades, a canyon and some sulphated mud.

This place is fairy-tale by day but we also visit it at night.
Or during the day and wait in the water for the night.
In the case of a night escapade, when going there for the first time, you must have someone who knows the place.
You also have to be aware that in the dark you can’t explore the natural beauty of this corner.
But something for something.
We arm ourselves with the following equipment:

– candles, best would be the big ones with a thick wick or with some cover from the wind

– cold beer or other chilled drinks, preferably in a thermal bag

– optionally music

– swimsuits of course

– footwear – flip-flops are risky, they will get wet and we walk on stones. Better sandals or other shoes, although you will need to rinse them later from mud

– warm, dry clothes for the way back (half an hour night ride home in wet swimsuits isn’t pleasant)

This activity, apart from getting to the spot, lacks of action.
Be rather prepared for chilling, hanging out, lazy rolling a meter to the right and half a meter to the left and enjoying a state of bliss.
Night in the thermal baths is quite magical. We recommend it.

Distance from the spot: 40 km
Driving time: 30 min.