We would call Monte Cofano trekking a medium-level hike. The only slightly more difficult moment is a wall about 2.5 meters high, where a ladder made of ropes and wooden sticks hangs.
However, we made that part with a dog in our arms.

The trip time is about 50 minutes by car, then 1 or 1.5 hours of hiking up the hill. Then the time to admire the views according to personal sensitivity to the scenery. Less than an hour for the way down and again 50 minutes to drive back to the spot (with a good chance of a stop due to increased appetite after effort).
A total of about 5 or 6 hours

Why is it worth going?

A relatively small effort is rewarded in a special way at the top of the mountain.
We see the mountainous land, the great rock of San Vito lo Capo, the hill with the city of Erice, Aegadian Islands.
On the top of Monte Cofano, in addition to the obligatory cross in such a place, we will find a pile of various treasures and a box with a notebook inside, where can write your thoughts.
Even if you usually don’t leave your thoughts in different parts of the world, a place with such a view can stimulate the desire to pour a reflection on paper.

We advise against hiking on the hottest days of summer for obvious reasons.
Regardless of the temperature, don’t forget to bring water, sunblock and preferably a hat.
There is not half a tree along the way, so there will be nowhere to hide from the sun.

Organizational issue – we recommend leaving the car in a place called “Vecchio Baglio Cofano” above the city of Cornino (location). Then follow the path leading towards the mountain. At the first intersection do not follow the path leading to the city on the left, but continue straight. At the second intersection, turn left onto the path that climbs to the top. Sounds complicated but it is instinctively easy.

Distance from spot: 45 km
Driving time: 50 minutes